COVID Rapid Response Testing Program– There are many individuals in distressed areas unable to take advantage of COVID testing due to being uninsured, underinsured or lack of testing kits to provide the testing.  Project X will provide these communities with the Rapid Response kits necessary to get fast, accurate and necessary testing.  

These kits will return results to these individuals in 15 minutes or less and give them the opportunity to take immediate action regarding their health.  Project X has a relationship with a vendor who currently has access to these kits and will make them available to Project X as needed and available.  
Statistics have shown that this pandemic has taken a disproportionate amount of lives from people who live in distressed communities.  We look forward to providing these communities with the tools to be tested immediately.

Medicare Remote Patient Monitoring Program– Medicare’s RPM program allows for the patient to be monitored in the home setting via medical devices. What this means is that the patient can obtain a medical device, take it home and every time the patient uses the device the results are transmitted via micro-chip and cellular technology to a secure HIPAA Portal. Unfortunately, for many of these patients they cannot afford to pay for the medical devices, pay the 20% remaining balance of the medical, nor pay the 20% balance of the monthly monitoring. It is our mission to use grants and donations get these devices into the hands of these individuals so that cost will not be an issue to improving their health outcomes.

Non-Insured Monitoring Program There are numerous individuals who have health issues and are not currently insured. This program allows these individuals to get the devices or telehealth coverage that they need via grants and donations.

Mentoring Programs

Teaching our youth how to successfully navigate life is one of our core values.  Our entrepreneurs program trains all participants in the following:

  • Business Ideas (based on strengths and weaknesses)
  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Business Formation
  • Return on Investment
  • Knowing Your Competition
  • Project X Launch

We also provide mentoring in the form of placing our mentees in positive business and social environments that foster the core values of leadership, entrepreneurship, Self-sufficiency and community service.

Sponsor A Program

We invite you to be an X factor by helping to transform the world in which we live. You have the option of partnering with us in a targeted area or participating globally. Either way we welcome your participation and look forward to creating an end product that reflects our core values and the values of our corporate and community partners.